Project Kate

The date has been set for the 29th of April next year. Now speculation as to the style of wedding gown, and which high-end or little know designer the future Princess Kate Middleton will wear for her wedding of the Century, has begun!

As we all know the attention is always on the bride and what dress will be worn at any wedding. Kate’s dress will certainly cost a lot more than the average brides that’s for sure and it will certainly be demure and traditional, a style the Princess in waiting has shown as exuding since before the press attention began. Some say she dresses years above her age, then again how is a future Princess supposed to dress? With the amount of attention she receives it must be difficult to choose her outfit in the morning!

Her style has evolved with her maturity and we have followed her every step from her first unguarded pictures in the press, to the style icon she has become today. Kate has always dressing polished in every press photo we have seen her in, perhaps since there is so much expectation surrounding her. Her signature style is knee-length satin dresses by Daniella Issa Helayel as shown in the engagement announcement, crisp fitted coats as shown at Prince Williams RAF graduation and ‘old chap’ riding gear at the Polo. Always standing out from her university crowd, it is no wonder dress sales have risen in demand for what she has worn! Always on best dressed lists the press attention has been similar to Princess Diana’s whose style icon status grew drastically while she was in the spotlight, the comparisons in style have never been far away.

It would be nice if the dress reflected traditional English heritage and spoke to the modern-day woman at the same time. I think it would be lovely to see the bride in a simple white design with a little detail to keep in touch with her conservative and elegant style. I don’t think too much flesh will be on show either possible wearing a higher neckline and covering her shoulders up. She has an amazing figure and can get away with most outfits so a tight-fitting fishtail style would suit her beautifully, no bows, puff sleeves or thick lace veils however for this wedding please. However it IS a royal wedding after all and I’m sure she won’t hold back on anything on her big day, even though she seems to shy away from press attention, looking reserved and as if hiding behind William in their recent engagement announcement. After all it’s not everyday a commoner become a Princess is it? The dress will almost certainly be a contrast to the 25 foot train Princess Diana donned for her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. The press have been comparing each outfit with that of the late Princesses drawing how similar they are. I wonder if Kate will be able to set her own stamp in the royal fashion stakes unlike the current wife of Prince Charles and whether the Sapphire ring of Williams late mother may be a symbol of good or bad luck for them both? It has even been said that Kate has been offered the tiara Diana wore on her wedding day, first worn by Queen Mary and kept in Buckingham Palace ever since. Styles have changed vastly since then and the Princess in waiting will want to make sure her own style and personality shines through. I wonder if she succumbs to tradition or creates a new one? Even so, it will be the wedding everyone’s talking about and we will all be sat the end of our un-royal seats with all our ooh’s and ahh’s waiting to lay our eyes on the gown of choice! LLLB


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