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Preppy Is Cool

Jack Wills Place

The Preppy Look:

In the era of ‘wear what you want’ here’s another post for a bit of inspiration. Only having been introduced to Jack Wills this week, it was my little find of the month and inspired my preppy post!

Novelist Erich Segal, defines preppy as someone who “dresses perfectly without trying to … [and] appears to do everything well without trying to.”

Think blue blazers, button-down shirts, striped ties, khaki pants, cotton polo shirts with turned-up collars, tasseled loafers, crew neck sweaters worn over neat turtlenecks, and the casual sweater slung over the shoulders for men. For women think bright bold and fitted, short pleated skirts, tween blazers, cable knit sweats, flip flops, slim fit jeans, jogging bottoms and high collar polos. All finished off with a bow.

The trend had its revival with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Luella Bartley, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap and American Eagle who all began to incorporate this preppy look into their designs.

Who knew wearing joggers and bows would be so fashionable! LLLB


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