ELLE 10th Edition

ELLE is proud to introduce the 10th edition of biannual fashion title ELLE Collections – the dedicated catwalk magazine. Its innovative approach to catwalk reporting and sophisticated, groundbreaking design makes it a unique guide to the new season. This luxury publication, produced by the award-winning ELLE team, takes the reader from backstage to front row, encompassing every detail in between, and giving everyone access to the best seat in the house at the SS11 shows. Alongside the unrivalled runway coverage, you will discover stylish thinking from critically acclaimed writers such as Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan and submissions from fashion industry insiders and critically acclaimed designers.

In another innovation, February 15th 2011 sees the launch of ELLE’s first app. This unique and original app gives an insightful guide into the Top 10 shows of the spring/summer season. The ELLE team have meticulously edited moving content to give readers the low down on the top picks of the season. The consumer will be able to watch all the shows and have access to exclusive footage from backstage, as well as see an explanation from the designers as to their inspiration. In addition to giving the viewer a preview of the magazine, ELLE’s new app brings the front row to life, creating an exclusive experience for the user. The introduction of app technology to ELLE’s followers is an exciting step onto the ladder of digital content by the ELLE editorial team.

‘ELLE Collections is unlike any other newsstand magazine in this country. As well as being a tool for the fashion industry due to the breadth of information from the runway shows and the exclusive access to designers, it also has very high production values and an extraordinary approach to design and layout. I am extremely proud of it as ELLE Collections is produced by a small team alongside production of the main issue of ELLE. It is close to all our hearts. To evolve the magazine and celebrate its 10th issue we have also produced an iPad app ‘ELLE Collection –- The Preview’, our first foray into the world of editorial apps.’

Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-Chief Elle and Elle Collections

‘ELLE Collections is an expression of the DNA of the ELLE brand. Creatively it showcases the creative talent of our team, which resides in their ability to bring together unparalleled style authority, design genius and a uniquely intimate window onto the world of fashion. For the 10th edition we are bringing this to life as an iPad app. ELLE as a brand is as relevant now as it was when it launched in 1985. We have emerged triumphant from the recession because our brand strategy did not waver. We invested in the brand and kept true to our principles. We applied this to the main book and to ELLE Collections.’

Rita Lewis- Group Publisher

We wanted ELLE Collections to be not only a celebration of fashion but a celebration of the possibilities of print media – creating a tactile experience only a magazine can give – and the possibilities now open to us with technological applications. The printed magazine moves between glossy and uncoated stocks with a news section cut in almost like a hidden newspaper, while the imagery is used in both a luxurious and obsessive way – you turn from one image blown up across a spread to a page full of tiny details and information. Ultimately, it is a stimulating and playful experience. Just like the shows themselves.

Tom Meredith- Acting creative director



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