Stack Up And Take Notice

“Jewellery to me is more than an accessory; it’s a form of personal expression to experiment with.”

Calling all stylish women!! ChloBo jewellery has officially arrived. Stack up and take notice.
The collections have leapt from Britain’s boutiques to the wardrobes of some of UK’s favourite celebrities, from chart topping sensations to best loved actresses.

However, it’s not only celebrities that have fallen for the underground jewellery brand. The fashion pack over at Cricket boutique have snapped up the collections, which now sees the brand placed alongside some of the World’s most famous designers.

Model turned designer, Melissa Odabash has also caught the ChloBo bug and stocks the jewellery alongside her famous swimwear ranges in the flagship Notting Hill Melissa Odabash store.

Twenty-eight-year-old Chloe Moss, founder and designer of the ever growing jewellery label, was originally inspired to create the collections after her travels to the Indonesian Island of Bali. Chloe says: “The collections are a reflection from my travels, but also insight into my life. My jewellery is personal and each piece can be worn in so many ways to reflect that individual and the occasion.

Personally I love ‘The Dark Side’ to her collection showing her edgy designs with black and silver beads and skull charms but this gorgeous silver beaded bracelt above is divine! Visit her website today! Note to all men reading this…Valentines day is fast approaching! LLLB


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