What A Colour

Dress up any day or night of the week with watercolours, the trend of Spring.

Vintage flowers designs in lightweight silk are key to looking fresh, cool and feminine when the weather starts to warms up. This dress from House Of Frasier captures the new watercolour trend and accessorizes perfectly without overpowering the look. The best thing about this new trend is that it suits almost all skin tones and hair colours due to the different colour combination and can be added in small amounts in your wardrobe at little cost!

Go for vivid eye-catching colours at night in oranges and pinks and romantic pastels shades for during the day such as lilacs and blues. Don’t forget to play on your best features and play with what works for you… Have legs to put supermodels to shame? Then opt for a watercolour skirt or shift dress in turquoise and purples. Love your arms? Choose a chiffon sleeveless top or tunic. Blend the colours into your look if you’re not brave enough to face the trend full on yet by adding neutral bags, belts and shoes, keeping hair free-flowing and simple.

Get the look on the high street from Urban Outfitters, Oasis and Rare.

Who does black and white in Spring anyway?

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