Festival Fever Hits LLLB!

These picks are all you need to get down and dirty at this years festivals:

1. The ‘I don’t care if I ruin it’ Paprika chiffon dress:

The ditsy floral dress is big every year at festivals around the world so make sure you’re headlining too this Summer! Make sure it’s short enough so it’s out of the way, but long enough to go crowd surfing in if needed! Team it with colourful wellies for that festival vibe.

2. The ‘rock chick’ studded denim Bonprix waistcoat:

This waistcoat is a great stylish little coverup to get your outfit rocking and if the temperature dips a little. Make sure it either has tassles or studs for festival flavour.

3. The festival inspired ‘Jangle with my bangles’ bangles from YogoEgo:

It’s all about the accessories: Bangles are a must and make your plain outfit that bit more interesting, pile them as high as they will go!

4.The ‘I have nowhere to wash my hair’ straw hat from Accessorize:

A hat is the icing on your festival style and is the one thing that’s guaranteed to take you from school to cool. Perfect for when the sun comes out too. Trendy and practical!


5. The ‘They come out every year’ British Heart Foundation Union Jack Wellies:

It will certainly either rain or be extremely muddy – Don’t let it ruin your day, invest in some good fashionable wellies and show them off with bare legs.

6. The ‘Kitchen Sink’ Bertie Tassle Bag:

A bag is a big DO for all your must haves as you won’t be going back to your tent/accommodation (If you’re lucky!) all day. Make sure it’s cheap as it’s bound to be used as a cushion and get broken or really dirty!

7. The ‘pretty as it gets’ head Garland:

This cute Garland is flirty, girly and very on trend for festivals – What more can I say!

And That’s your festival fashion guide sorted!



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