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The Trend

…Drop earrings

They add sparkle and glam to any outfit. Kate Middleton wears them religiously…even to row in, and they don’t have to break the bank…Here’s my pick of the best around.

I love the simplicity of these circular designed earrings, they have just the right about of glitz for everyday use and are more modern than the single drop earrings below.

Vintage Heiress Earrings – GlitzySecrets.com – £38

The cut of these Heiress earrings makes them sparkle and catch the light magically, and I love the fan design at the top. A typical evening, hair in a chignon pair.

Precious Heiress Earrings – GlitzySecrets.com – £28

A 3 in 1 earring…A diamond stud, a diamond design, a pearl finish – complimenting each other nicely. 

Heiress of Pearl Earrings – £14 – GlitzySecrets.com

Cluster earrings don’t have to be reserved for weddings only as Martine Wester shows us with these stunning cluster pearl earrings.

Bridal Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings £36, Martine Wester.